Mazda bravo / Ford courier steering wobble fix - Gold Coast Patrols

Mazda bravo / Ford courier steering wobble fix

Steering wheel wobble fix for a Mazda bravo and Ford courier.

We had a customers car come in with a very big steering wheel wobble at 80kmh. It was quite a big shake. Like any other car that would come in with a steering wobble, we put it up on the hoist and checked all bushes, ball joints, control arms, rack play and tyre wear.

After confirming no suspension components were worn we got chatting to a local steering specialist and he mentioned to check the steering box free-play adjustment. Old mate was spot on slightly to much free play in the steering box was causing the wobble. It took 1 & 1/2 turns clockwise and wall-a no more shake. Not a common issue for most cars but affects the Mazda bravo and Ford courier.


It’s quite simple to do. You will need ti remove the battery, battery tray, and battery tray support bar. Once removed you can access the steering box locking but and adjuster.

Thanks for reading I hope this post helped you out.