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Tb42 EFI ECU / computer wiring harness.

Brand new one of a kind!

This is a great option for a carby to EFI conversion. A very simple install solution, only 2 wires to join and away you go. This is a much easier and faster way of converting your carburetor tb42 to a tb42e. No need to pull your dash out and half of your car apart to change a 30-year-old body loom, that is very brittle and known to have broken plugs/ connectors.

No electrical knowledge is needed to install our tb42 ECU wiring harness. We have done all the hard work for you. with only 1 wire to connect to ignition power and an option for an additional wire to connect to your tacho meter ( instructions included and phone support available)

Our Tb42 Engine harness is a one of a kind. Supplied with all brand new engine plugs and an ECU connector front to back wrapped in braided loom wrap with heat shrunk ends.


Brand new TB42 engine wiring loom.
Braided loom.
Simple 2 wire install.
No electrical knowledge is needed.
Free phone support.
Diagnostic connector included.
Brand new engine connectors.
Standalone wiring loom.
Upgraded injector harness.
Neat and tidy install.
Upgraded fuel pump relay and wiring suited up to a Walbro 460lph in-tank fuel pump.

Our tb42 wiring loom can be used to replace an old worn/broken/damaged harness.
Note, for factory tb42 EFI cars you will leave your current loom in place simply unplug your engine connectors, plug ours in join the ignition wire, and away you go.

These terminated engine harnesses works with both manual and auto tb42 EFI standard ecus. But has not yet been tested with automatic transmission shifting.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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