ZD30 Engine Failure Protection

ZD30 Engine Failure Protection


ZD30 Engine Failure Protection also known as nads, grenade fix.


You’ll be reading this post because you own a zd30 Nissan patrol gu y61 or maybe even a Nissan Navara d22.

The Zd30 engine would have to have the worst reputation out of all of the Patrol engines.

They have a vvt set up meaning the boost is controlled by a computer.

Like most newer diesels they have a egr –exhaust gas recirculation to meet emissions standards.

Being a bigger car with a smaller engine the zd30 engines run high boost straight from the showroom floor, this means it will breathe heavier / have more blow-by than usual. This is not a good thing on any car that has a EGR system, from the engine breathing heavier it will make a mist oil vapor in the inlet manifold, coming from the intake tube and along the way will contaminate the MAF/ mass air flow meter and because of the EGR this can gum up and block some of the intake giving you not so good results.




This is a list of what we do not a order in what we do first. we recommend doing all of these at once to protect your zd30 engine.

  1. EGR block this is one of the most important things to do on your Nissan patrol, blocking your zd30 EGR will stop any more carbon build up in your intake manifold.
  2. Install an oil catch, can also be known as an oil/air separator. Doing so will minimize the amount of oil mist from blow-by getting into your air intake system.
  3. Egt Gauge fitting one of these will allow you to keep an eye on your exhaust temperatures. It is just as important as your water temperature gauge and a must if you own a zd30.
  4. Boost Guage I know all these gauges right! We are not trying to be cool, fitting a boost gauge will help save your turbo, zd30 engines are notorious for having boost spike issues, adding a boost gauge allows you to keep an eye on things.
  5. MAF mass airflow sensor cleaning every service! Having a dirty MAF will give wrong signals to the ECU causing to much or not enough fuel and also over boosting.
  6. 3-inch exhaust system having a better flowing exhaust system allows the engine to breathe better, allowing the egts to drop massively
  7. Boost operated turb0 actuator, zd30s are very common for over boosting this destroys turbos. from the factory, zd30s are boosted controlled by the ECU / computer. We install your conventional type boost operated actuator, meaning you won’t have to rely on the dodgy zd30 ECU to control boost minimizing your boost spike risk by 95%.
  8.  Oil changes every 5000-7500kms is highly recommended.
  9. Intake manifold carbon clean, at times we have seen zd30 intake manifolds up to 50% blocked from carbon build-up due to a heavy breathing engine and having the EGR not blocked.
  10. Regular fuel filter replacments and fuel system cleans.
  11. Fuel Injector replace every 75000-100000kms.
  12. Upgrade your intercooler to a welded unit instead of the factory crimped/clamped unit. If your intercooler looks like it has oil leaking from it you need to replace it asap.

Here a link to our contact page if you want us to install everything we spoke about above to protect your zd30 engine.

We have all parts in stock, so if you want to install your self please call us to arrange.