TD42 Conversion Drive In Drive Out


TD42 Conversion Drive In Drive Out

Part No: 9674
Brand: Nissan

$9,500.00 $8,500.00


Td42 conversion drive in drive out.

Includes Aircon.

Qld mod plate.

All parts supplied by us YES including the engine.

Drop your car off to us and drive away with a td42 engine.

All work carried out by a qualified mechanic all work done in house including the wiring.

All engines used in conversions are hand-picked by us with a minimum 3 months warranty.

Conversion usually takes 2 weeks but we allow for 2-4weeks.

We are very experienced in these conversions and have done over 75 to date

Prices from $8500.

Optional / extras.

  1. Reconditioned engines add $4500
  2. Turbo kits from $2800
  3. Exhaust systems 3inch $660
  4. Dyno tuning (free with any turbo kit)
  5. Clutch kits from $330 new heavy duty

Cars we covert

  1. Zd30 1998-2012
  2. Rd28 1988-2005
  3. Tb45 1997-2005
  4. Tb48 1999-2008
  5. Tb42 1988-1998
  6. Rb30 1988-1998
  7. Gq-Y60
  8. Gu-Y61
  9. Series 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  10. Auto and Manual
  11. 1988-2014


Common questions


  1. Do you convert series 4 zd30 common rail 2005-2012?   Yes we convert s4 common rail to td42
  2.  Does the tacho work?   Yes the tacho works as normal
  3. Can you arrange to tow from other states?  Yes we can arrange interstate transport Nsw from $660 North Qld from $660 Vic from $1100
  4. IS the conversion covered by warranty? Yes we offer warranty minimum of 3 months
  5. Does it come mod plated or engineered? Yes for the models that need it we supply that.

TD42 Conversion Drive In Drive Out


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