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Td42 reconditioned / rebuilt engine / motor


Nissan Patrol Td42 reconditioned / rebuilt engine / motor

Part No: 9884
Brand: Nissan


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Completely rebuilt / reconditioned td42 engine. Engine sold on exchange bases if you can’t supply an engine for ex change, that’s not a problem just a surcharge will apply so we can source another engine for our next customer. Pending on availability of engines surcharge price starts at $2000

Here is a list below on what exactly we do when reconditioning / rebuilding a td42 engine.

Completely rebuilt head.

Brand new pistons, piston rings and sleeves / liners. We use semi finished liners and machine to suit pistons/ rings for ultimate accuracy.

We crack test and machine the crank, supply new mains and big end bearings.

Machine the rods to suit new pins and bushes.

New water pump and thermostat.

Full gasket overal kit for all seals and gaskets.

Our td42 reconditioned engines are covered by an Australian wide warranty.

We can also install the td42 engine to your car.

Also offering engifne reconditioning and rebuilding for other patrol motors such as rd28, zd30, Td42t, turbo, tb42, tb45, tb48, rb30.

Additional information

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 40 cm